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With its slogan “for cleaner air-conditioning“ claircon GmbH uses infrared ceiling heating panels to create an optimal cleanroom. A cleanroom is required everywhere sterile work is carried out, e.g. in operating theatres, in semiconductor manufacturing, in the food industry, in pharmacies, in optics, in microelectronics, in biomedicine, in nanotechnology, etc. For this purpose there should be as few as possible particles, germs, bacteria, spores etc. in the air. This can be guaranteed by low-turbulence filtered air current.

Impurer air is kept outside the pure work area by a low-turbulence current. The current is supported whenever the supply air temperature is permanently below the room temperature. The system is built such that a constant supply air temperature is being introduced (supply air temperature regulation). But so that the room does not cool down rapidly as a result of the partially large quantities of supply air, the room must be heated with as few influences as possible. The temperature difference is kept constant by reheating using IR heating elements.

This is why claircon has developed its own patented and innovative solution used to regulate room temperature and ensure a low-turbulence even airflow, or heat inputs have only few or no influences on turbulence.

With its patented IR heating system claircon is the sole company authorised to utilise IR heat sources in the described manner of use and areas of use.

claircon GmbH acts specifically for its customers both nationally and internationally. Our goal is to find you a perfect solution “for cleaner air-conditioning“. 

Go for quality and reliability, where you need it most!

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