the product

Infrared Ceiling Heating

       Built-in Frames
  • of aluminium, aluminium quality inside and out
  • for installing in a 25-mm plasterboard or sheet steel ceiling
  • has an almost airtight and dustproof sealing system
  • as per EN 12207 has a density up to Class 4
  • uncomplicated cleaning of surfaces possible
  • integrated mounting of the IR heating element
  • temperature-resistant transfer unit for power connection and temperature sensor
  • special sizes possible (adapted to local demands)

Infrared Heating Element

  • frame made of aluminium, aluminium quality inside and out
  • mounting via ceiling holding tabs in built-in ceiling frames
  • IR heating plate with smooth surface for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • sheet steel radiant panel (surface stainless steel or RAL)
  • catch mechanism and clip-on holder for secure and easy opening
  • heat-resistant grommet
  • temperature sensor
  • thermoswitch (switch-off at 130°C)
  • special sizes and various heat outputs possible
  • adapted to local demands and required heat outputs. (limit max. 1000 W/m²)

Infrared Ceiling Heating Used in OP Area

The heat output (temperature difference + transmission loss) required for operating the TAV ceiling is introduced to the cleanroom by means of the infrared OP ceiling heating. The almost finish-free heating has minimal influence only on the laminar flow performance under the TAV ceiling panel and relative to conventional heating systems has a positive effect on test method results.

References/Test Methods
(as per DIN 1946-4; Ventilation and air conditioning - part 4: Ventilation in buildings and rooms of health care)